Youth exchange „Knitting cultures“ Looking for participants. Deadline 23 June
03 Jun 2016
Публикувано от СМАРТ

Food, religion, language, traditFlyer Jugendaustausch Bulgarienions, customs, … All these things constitute culture.

What means multiculturism or interculturism? Which  are actual problems connected to multiculturism? How is the situation with refugees?

YOU are between 18 and 25 years old? YOU can join a 7 day long youth exchange in Bulgaria. YOU will meet new people from 5 different countries which participate.

DURATION:   04.07.2016 – 10.07.2016

COSTS for YOU: 50 BGN which cover the travel, materials, food and accommodation for the Youth Exchange

WHERE:    Bulgaria, Borovetz

If you are interested send a quick email to and fill in the application form till 23rd  June.