EVS in Leipzig, Germany
06 Oct 2017
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Leipzig, Germany

Project dates

From March 2018 until March 2019


The volunteer will mainly be active in the day nursery (grades 1-4) to support the staff during the lunch times and the afternoon activities (homework, games, special projects). According to the interests of the volunteer, he/she may also carry through special projects with older youths (grades 5-13) or with the kindergarten. The volunteer shall present aspects of his or her own country, e.g. music, language, games, handicraft or cooking. The volunteer´s own ideas can be realized in every-day work during the afternoons as well as in various projects. He/she will also has the chance to develop an own project during the year.

Application deadline


More information about the project


How to apply?

Write to application@jahr-fuer-europa.de and they will send you application form to complete. Don’t forget to underline that SMART Foundation is your sending organization.