06 Apr 2017
Публикувано от СМАРТ

0efed64255ba1d61ead269f4a8f583f7Become a part of an amazing project „CREATECTURA“. Volunteers will be involved in the daily Ceatectura activities always accompanying a workshop leader.


Santander, Spain 

Duration of the project: 01/10/2017 – 31/07/2018

Activities: volunteers’ task will be to create a workshop. During the workshop their task will be to support children and families. They will also collaborate in assembling art installations, educational spaces, transforming classrooms or other spaces in schools or other specific projects that arise during their stay. Volunteers will be also in charge of the photo documentation of the workshops and activities and editing videos to promote association’s activities.

Volunteer profile:

  • you have to be motivated, especially by the type of work carried out in Createctura project
  • you have to be creative person, who enjoys art and likes to spend time with children and families
  • you have to be patient
  • you have to be proactive

More information you can find on the links belowe:






How to apply: First you have to fill in their application, which you can download it here: http://www.ser-joven.org/programas-europeos/servicio-voluntario-europeo/our-current-evs-hosting-projects-2017-nuestros-proyectos-de-acogida-actuales-2017/createctura-(asociacion-iler).aspx, send it together with your CV. 

Application deadline: 10/04/2017

Do not forget that SMART Foundation is your Sending organization! If you have further questions, contact us on volunteers@smart-f.eu.