EVS in Ljubljana, Slovenia
03 Oct 2017
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Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project dates

From January 2018 until January 2019


Volunteers will help out in the office, with focus on promotional workshops in rural areas and continuing activities within our Club of Volunteers, started by our previous international volunteers. The 4 volunteers will have different assignments. The first volunteer will be in charge of the coordination of workshops in rural areas and the coordination of Club of Volunteers. The second volunteer will cooperate with other youth organisations and help out with the workshops in the rural areas. The third will be in charge of graphic design for Voluntariat and its projects. The fourth will take on the role of the placement officer for SCI projects.

Application deadline


More information about the project



How to apply?

Send your CV and motivation letter to programi@zavod-voluntariat.si. and volunteers@smart-f.eu and specify in your application for which position are you applying.

Don’t forget to underline that SMART Foundation is your sending organization.