EVS in Bratislava, Slovakia
26 Sep 2017
Публикувано от СМАРТ


Bratislava, Slovakia

Project dates

From February 2018 until December 2018


The volunteer will be involved in the activities such as tea meetings, trainings for our volunteers, becoming the co-leader on the work camps in Slovakia, organizing events in cooperation with our partner organization, promotion of voluntary work and EVS on our online platforms but also at the universities and high schools, administrative work at the office, work with webpage and internal database.

Application deadline


More information about the project


How to apply?

Send your CV to evs@inex.sk and volunteers@smart-f.eu.and fullfill this questionnaire https://goo.gl/forms/pMJjd8w2B3wiVxV33.

Don’t forget to underline that SMART Foundation is your sending organization.